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The Watertop winter and summer cover

Protect your pool all year round with the Watertop cover

Great covering

of your Waterair pool in summer and winter.

I n Belgium, it is better to protect your pool both in summer and winter. The Watertop cover has the advantage of protecting your pool all year round. GGILPRO presents the Watertop cover .
The advantage of the Watertop cover presented by GGILPRO is that you have the same cover for your pool in winter and summer. In winter, it protects it from dirt and in summer, it limits the evaporation of water, it secures your pool and prevents the wind from cooling the water down and impurities from entering it.

Watertop: Waterair's multi-season pool cover

This secure bar cover adapts to all pool dimensions since it is custom made. It is ideal for free-form pools. Very resistant, in polyester fabric coated on both sides and treated for UV protection, it exists in grey, taupe, beige, almond green and blue. Colors that blend in very well with your environment. The beige interior also protects the edges of your pool against marks. Its hemming makes it more solid and resistant and the varnish coating facilitates its maintenance.

The Watertop cover is easy to unwind and compatible with your concrete or wooden deck.

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