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Protect your pool

Choose the simplicity of the roller shutter

Discreet and aesthetic, the manual or automatic roller shutter for your pool

The roller shutter is an automatic shutter attached to one end of your pool.

Y ou cover and uncover your pool in no time. You secure your pool while guaranteeing the quality of its water.

The automatic roller shutter has many advantages :
  • it secures your pool when somebody should fall in since it covers the surface of the water
  • it protects your pool water from impurities (dead leaves, twigs, grass, etc.)
  • it prevents photosynthesis, which causes algae
  • it retains the heat of the water and limits its evaporation
  • it fits harmoniously into the decor of your pool.

Extremely discreet, it "disappears" when you bathe.

The automatic roller shutter has many advantages:

Your roller shutter, installed at the edge of the swimming pool, is made up of blades filled with air. They can be made of opaque PVC to protect from light or of solar polycarbonates. In any case, they easily float on water. They are sealed on the side to guarantee good flotation. They prevent access to the pool for children under the age of 5. They also reduce possible heat loss. You can install them on a new or an existing pool.

GGILPRO is also your jacuzzi advisor

Wherever you are in Belgium, there is nothing like a relaxation session with family or friends after a busy day. The conviviality and comfort of the spa or jacuzzi complete the soothing and relaxing atmosphere that you create around your pool. GGILPRO advises you.

Learn more about jacuzzis

Which pool cover to choose?

There are so many choices when it comes to pool covers. They all have their qualities and their specificities. GGILPRO advises you on the right choice between a roller shutter, a Qualifil®, Watertop, Coverseal pool cover or a bubble cover. Unless you prefer a pool enclosure.

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