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Opt for one of our efficient pool cleaning robots

Crystal clear pool water without efforts!

GGILPRO offers you a unique robot for the perfect automatic cleaning of your pool

Y ou are still at work or on your way back.
You only have one desire, to dive into your pool when you return. And you know that it will be completely clear and clean because you installed a cleaning robot, specially selected for you by GGILPRO .

You just forget to clean your pool once and the water can quickly become trouble and the edges and bottom of the pool get all sticky… In short, it is not pleasant at all.

W hen you built your pool, it was to enjoy it while sipping your favorite tea - not to spend your time on cleaning it.
This is where our selection of automatic robots come in handy : superb and permanently clear water, without having to think about it or lift a finger.

GGILPRO has selected three models and gives you advice, according to your swimming habits, the size and shape of your pool, the quality of your water, etc.

Cleaning robot RW300

Discover the complete cleaning experience of the Waterair RW300 multi-option cleaning robot.

Cleaning robot RW200

Enjoy the optimal cleaning experience of the Waterair RW200 cleaning robot.

Cleaning robot RW100

Go for the effortless cleaning experience of the Waterair RW100 cleaning robot.

The RW100, RW200S and RW300 robots: for the perfect and easy automatic cleaning of your pool

It's simple, they were designed to move around all over your pool. They can manage all forms of swimming pools, all types of walls and bottoms and they clean your water line… Your robot RW100, RW200S or RW300 is robust and hyper-efficient and for your comfort:

  • It is completely secure; it is powered by a low voltage motor
  • It is intelligent: you program the time and the place where it must pass
  • It is ultra-efficient thanks to its advanced filtration system, its special algae and bacteria brushing technologies
  • It is easy to install, handle and maintain
  • It is completely autonomous.

The models selected by GGILPRO are perfect for pools from 8 to 12 meters and suitable for all types of backgrounds and shapes with a few variants, in particular better value for money for the RW100, complete cleaning for the RW200 and a connected and remote-controlled version with the RW300.

How to clean your swimming pool?

After a few weeks, your pool will inevitably have deposits on the bottom and side walls. The cleaning of your pool is mandatory, whether you are using a robot, a vacuum cleaner or a manual brush. Ask for a price offer for your autonomous cleaning robot RW100, RW200S or RW300 or for advice on swimming pool vacuum cleaners.

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