Optimize pleasure and sports

Sculpt your dream body while enjoying the pleasures of a swimming pool.

In the water, playing and exercising, it's pure pleasure !

If you are athletic, you might like some variation and spice up the effort. GGILPRO offers you several accessories, up to your ambitions, that help you to stay in good shape and multiply your performances.

That's also why you have chosen to install a swimming pool at your home. If it is covered or not, large or small, you need to swim, to exercise physically, to muscle your body and to keep yourself in good health. Great, we have exactly what you need.

Resistance swimming : for the athletic

You like to swim lengths but your pool is not long enough ? You would like to swim freestyle, breaststroke, or butterfly without being hindered ?
The swimming elastic is perfect for you as you can swim "without moving forward". Not only can you practise sport swimming but you also benefit from a free hydrotherapy session.

The aquabike

Performance and softness in the water

It is ideal to work on your endurance, strenghten your muscles and your flexibility while draining your legs. You can use it to get in better physical shape or just for re-education purposes. Equipped with multiple setting options, our aquabike offers you the opportunity to perform a large number of exercises to help you find the motivation for regular training.

Choose your pool wisely

You prefer reading or sunbathing or you'd rather swim some lengths in the early morning ? BBQ with friends or water games with the family, city, interior or exterior, inground or onground, the size and shape doesn't matter because Waterair swimming pools will always find a pool that suits you best ! With GGILPRO, you can consider all options and combine them infinitely to create a unique project. Your pool will look like no other.

Discover our range

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You need a price offer for your terrace ? Wherever you live, in the region of Antwerp, from Geel to Hoogstraten; in the Namur region, from Profondeville to Jambes, in Bruxelles or in Leuven, Genval or Lasnes, we will be happy to pay you a visit.

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