STONE natural stone swimming pool terrace

Cut out of the rock directly for you

STONE natural stone terrace

A pool terrace tailor maide out of the most beautiful natural stones selected by GGILPRO

T he natural stone instantly connects you to the power of the Earth. As a partner exclusively selected for you by GGILPRO , STONE , selected by nature, stands for the know-how and knowledge of stone for over a hundred years. Let yourself be inspired.

How should we describe the emotion that natural stone transmits to you at first glance and this irresistible urge to walk on these high-end floor tiles with your bare feet? Your natural stone swimming pool terrace is the meeting between Earth and Water.

GGILPRO loves working with this material and builds your dream in rock.

STONE natural stone: a dream set in stone

Cut directly out of the rock for you, your custom terrace can only be unique.
For what type of stone will you melt: Belgian blue stone, Italian travertine, Brazilian quartzite, or even limestone, marble, shale, sandstone, gneiss, basalt or granite?

STONE cuts the slices directly out of the rock and GGILPRO places them on your indoor or outdoor floors, on your pool terrace or your stairs.

Your pool terrace reflects an aura that
you can't find anywhere else.

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A heat pump or a heat exchanger for heating your swimming pool?

If you want to enjoy your pool as long as possible in summer and even a little more, we recommend that you install a heating system for your pool. You can choose for the heat exchanger, a space-saving device that is placed near your boiler and uses the heat produced by your central heating system (electricity, gas, oil) or for a heat pump, a fast heating system that is interesting, especially if you're in a hurry, to heat the water of your pool. The heat pump is the more efficient system, especially for large outdoor pools and in case of low ambient temperatures.

Which stone is best for you?

Let's make an appointment to give you advice and a price offer. GGILPRO installs your natural stone terrace everywhere in Belgium.

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