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Coverwat® the cover that makes the difference !

It is supplied in kit and extremely easy to mount

Coverwat® : a Waterair exclusive

Coverwat® is very resistant, made of a polyester tissue coated with PVC on both sides and it is UV resistant.

The pool cover is an essential element in keeping your pool in "good shape". That's why Waterair, swimming pool expert for more than 45 years, has developed the Coverwat® cover. In Belgium exclusively sold by GGILPRO.
For us, a home pool must be and remain above all a pleasure : before, during, and after bathing. That's why Coverwat® gathers all « little extras » that make the difference and make daily pool care a pleasure. To start with the pleasure of the eyes since it exists in beige, grey, almond green and blue.

Coverwat®: a bar cover in kit for all seasons

The Coverwat® is ideal to protect your pool against bad weather and pollution and to save both on heating and water, it is compatible with concrete and wooden terraces.
It is supplied in kit and is extremely easy to mount by using a few fixings (tension straps). In summer, when you enjoy your pool intensively every day, the retractable peg system allows you to cover and discover your pool quickly, thanks to its crank handle. It is made up of fewer bars than the majority of other pool covers, which makes it even easier to use.
Coverwat® is made of a polyester tissue that is PVC coated on both sides and it is UV resistant. A layer of topcoat makes it easy to clean. It combines both safety and aesthetics. Rectangular, it is perfect for pools up to 12m x 5m, whatever their shape.

Your Coverwat® cover : a security measure for your pool

One of the fundamental criteria when you have a swimming pool is the safety dimension. The Coverwat® cover complies with the standards in force and protects the access to your pool, especially for children. As the Coverwat® cover is also a winter cover, your pool is secure all year round.

What pool cover should you choose ?

There is a wide range of pool covers. They all have their qualities and specificities. GGILPRO helps you to choose between a roller shutter, a Qualifil®, Watertop, Coverseal, or a bubble pool cover. Unless you choose for a pool enclosure.

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