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Waterair pool renovation

GGILPRO renovates your Waterair pool and makes it like new.

You would like to have a new pool ?

Renovate your Waterair pool with GGILPRO

Y our Waterair swimming pool is becoming a bit obsolete, you want to modernize it, transform it or equip it with new systems and technologies. GGILPRO listens to you, advises you and takes care of everything according to your wishes.
You just bought a house with a Waterair pool , but it is a bit worn out or you would have liked a different shape. You have just moved into your childhood home and the pool in which you have spent so much time is starting to lose its charm. Your family or your life changes over time, your needs and your desires too. Today, you want to make your pool more comfortable, prettier, more practical and more modern. Thanks to the Waterair technique, the modular panels can be assembled as in a large meccano. Your Waterair pool is upgradeable and customizable over time.

GGILPRO has 30 years of experience on reworking and modulating existing Waterair pools .

Let's make an appointment. We look forward to think with you about your plans for the renovation of your Waterair pool.

Calculate the number of square meters of artificial grass needed for your terrace layout

Synthetic grass is sold by the square meter. GGILPRO helps you define your needs and visits you all around Belgium in Arlon, Bastogne, Bruges, Liège, Verviers, Ghent, Halle, Braine-l'Alleud, Antwerp, Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Hasselt ...

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