Why do I need an enclosure for my pool or terrace ?

The answer is simple, for your comfort, for economical, ecological and security reasons

Spa, swimming pool and terrace enclosures

GGILPRO presents you a partner of choice... Sokool, a specialist in this area since more than 30 years

G GILPRO cares about your comfort. Your swimming pool, your terrace and your spa are magnificent. We have chosen the Sokool enclosures, because they are specialists on the level of swimming pool, terraces and spa enclosures since more than 30 years.

Why should I put an enclosure over my swimming pool?

It is not only a question of aesthetics. Pool enclosures have several advantages in terms of comfort, economy, ecology and security :

  • Less maintenance : the covered space is always clean
  • More time in the water : the covered space is ready to use at any time
  • Warmer : the temperature is 6 to 10°C higher inside the enclosure thanks to the greenhouse effect
  • No wintering : there are less risks of freezing

  • Less use of water and maintenance products
  • A unique solution : with a pool enclosure, you don't need a cover or roller shutter
  • More security : kids don't have access to the pool when the enclosure is closed.

An enclosure is worth considering as it adds extra value to your property and patrimony.

How to choose your Sokool enclosure.

GGILPRO has selected Sokool as their exclusive partner for their large choice of enclosures which make it possible to personalize your swimming pool.

W hat is the ideal shape and height? According to the location of your pool, its shape and the size of your garden, you can choose between : a low, very low, medium high and high enclosure, equipped with a telescopic opening system, a motorized system, a sliding system without a rail on the ground, etc.
All pool enclosures are modular according to the width and the length of your swimming pool, even for very large pools. You can attach them to a wall, if this fits better with your installation.
On the practical side, all the enclosures are equipped with an easy-to-use access and opening system (sliding doors, retractable facade, liftable bottom, motorization, etc.).

Sokool terrace enclosures

Where the interior meets the exterior

S pend more time on your terrace or in your garden. Thanks to it's transparent structure, your Sokool terrace enclosure offers you the comfort of having an extra room, like a porch, but modular.

With or without a rail on the ground, telescopic or not, your enclosure can be attached to a wall of your house : you open and close it whenever you want to enjoy the interior or exterior all year long.

And as it captures the exterior light permanently, it is the ideal place for your winter garden.

Sokool Spa enclosures

A haven of peace in your garden

Y ou are dreaming of a corner, in your home, where you can relax in all tranquility ? The Sokool Spa enclosures, just like the pool enclosures, add to your Spa that special cocooning experience.

They are all modular and can be adapted to all kinds of Spas, they protect against the effects of bad weather (snow, rain, wind, dead leaves and debris). They increase the life of your Spa and thanks to the greenhouse effect, you can enjoy the heat of the sun much longer.

Prepare your swimsuit and your cocktail and offer yourself a moment of serenity.

Extend the feeling of well-being in your own hammam ?

GGILPRO has selected some hammam, spa and sauna models that give you the opportunity to
relax after swimming some lengths or a day of playing in your swimming pool.

See our hammams

Do you need some advice on choosing your terrace or pool enclosure ?

We install your terrace enclosure everywhere in Belgium, Wallonia and Flanders, in the provinces of Liège, Namur, Limburg, Luxemburg, Antwerp and Hainaut. We gladly present you our different models and options for your terrace, pool or spa enclosure.

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