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The benefits of the Orient in the heart of Belgium

Create your hammam with GGILPRO

Next to your Waterair pool, you can complete your wellness experience with a hammam. Scented relaxing and detoxifying vapours welcome you at any time of the day or night. GGILPRO listens to you and advises you. Enjoy the serenity of your private hammam.
The hammam, a real steam bath also called Moorish bath or Turkish bath, is a pure oriental tradition. Purifying both body and soul, this ancestral tradition provides you with intense relaxation. It accelerates recovery, for example after sport, and also helps decongest the bronchi. After an intense day, a hammam at home offers you a moment of peace and serenity. Indulge yourself in the scent of roses, irises, blueberries, jasmine, lilac or thyme.
GGILPRO composes together with you a hammam that suits your prefrences.

A hammam in your home

You already know its benefits from the public hammam. You want to be able to enjoy these benefits at any time of the day or night, without constraint, without appointment, in complete privacy. Here are some questions your should ask yourself when you're thinking of installing a hammam at home:

  • space: how much space is available to set up your relaxation area?
  • size: how many people are likely to use your hammam at the same time?
  • the location in the house: can your bathroom accommodate your private hammam? Is there a room in particular that can be adapted to the humidity produced by the steamers of the hammam?
  • the structure: are you considering a simple hammam or one equipped with a shower?
  • aesthetics: do your prefer a classic, traditional or rather contemporary hammam?

GGILPRO knows its partners and offers you a tailor-made or ready to install solution for the integration of your personalized hammam in your home according to your tastes. A masonry hammam, a tiled hammam, a cabin hammam or a shower cabin hammam, the options are endless depending on the size of the room, the design and the materials you like.

What about your pool? Where are you going to install it?

It has been a specialty of GGILPRO for 30 years: studying your garden, analyzing the terrain (sloping ground, clay soil, building land, etc. ), proposing a site plan for your oval, rectangular or free-form swimming pool. In 30 years, GGILPRO has not built the same pool twice.
Do you want a unique swimming pool? GGILPRO has the solution for you thanks to the exclusive import of Waterair Pools since 1990.

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The advantage of a hammam is that you can build it and install it in your house anywhere in Belgium: from Chimay to Yvoir or from Antwerp to Couvin, we are happy if you are happy.

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