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The filtration of your pool water is essential

GGILPRO offers you a filtration system adapted to your needs

Filtration stands for 80% of the purification of your pool.

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O ne sees it barely and yet the filtration system of your pool plays a vital role. It guarantees your health, hygiene and well-being, and ensures that you can enjoy your pool to the fullest. GGILPRO , the pool expert for 30 years, proposes you a water filtration system that is adapted to your pool everywhere in Belgium.

The essential element for the good health of your swimming pool is the filtration system: it contributes to 80% of the sanitation of your water. It's very simple, it acts like our lungs or kidneys: it filters the impurities and dirt that circulate in the water. Its role is therefore crucial for the hygiene and health of bathers in your pool.

Several filtration systems are effective, but to properly calibrate your filtration, you have to consider several technical factors.

The advisers of GGILPRO will explain which one is suitable for your pool according to its size, depth, volume of water, average number of bathers, frequency of use, location of your pool and its environment, etc.

Regardless of the fact that your pool is an onground or inground pool, oval, rectangular, bean-shaped or free form, we recommend you the filtration block or “all-in-one” filtration: sand filter with recycled glass or cartridges .
It is very important that your filtration system is consistent with your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance system in order to increase its efficiency.

What is the basic material for a good filtration of your onground or inground pool?

The filtration set for your swimming pool includes a wide choice of materials. The skimmer and the return which guarantee filtration via the filtration pump and your sand filter - MFA system (Activated Glass Filtration media: it allows a better yield than sand while being more ecological) or your cartridge filter in your technical room .

GGILPRO supplies filter cartridges in different sizes and capacities, as well as sand and MFA filtration systems.

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You shouldn't mess with the filtration system of your swimming pool

Your filtration system is your key to making the most of your pool in complete serenity and safety. Ask GGILPRO, a pool professional for 30 years. We guide you in the choice of your filtration system in Arlon, Bastogne, Antwerp, Liège, Verviers, Hasselt, Halle, Braine-l'Alleud, Brussels, Rhode-Saint-Genèse.

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