Solar energy heating

Your pool's temperature will easily increase with a few degrees

Solar heating for your pool...

an economical and ecological option

The idea of swimming your daily lenghts in cold water gives you goosebumps ? You can heat your pool while respecting the environment : GGILPRO can install a solar energy heating system that is both economical and ecological

The solar collector or heater is a heating system for your pool's water that consists of placing a hydraulic circuit on your roof that is connected to your filtration system.
The water is heated by the energy of the sun during 2 hours and is then sent back to your swimming pool by means of a simple pipe with no particularities (i.e. without heat transfer liquid). If there is a lot of sunshine, this system can offer an important gain in temperature which can be further increased with the use of a pool cover.

GGILPRO explains to you which heating system is the best for your swimming pool

If you want to ensure the maximal use of your swimming pool in Belgium, you need an efficient heating system. GGILPRO advises you according to your habits and the location of your swimming pool, etc. Should you go for electricity, solar energy, solar heating, solar panels, solar rugs, solar collectors, a heat pump, a heat exchanger, a wood stove, gas or fuel oil to heat your pool ?

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