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Heating, security and wintering... a winning combination !

Enjoy a cover that is multi-purpose and ecological

Solae Wat, a small revolution !

The 4 seasons of your pool with the Solae Waterair® cover

Once your pool is finished, you'll need a cover, which is one of the essential accessories to protect and secure your pool. We propose you the Solae Waterair® cover, a patented innovation by Waterair swimming pools of which GGILPRO is the unique importer in Belgium.

Thanks to its removable transparent panels, the Solae Waterair® cover can add between 6 to 9 degrees Celcius to your pool's temperature in a natural way. This gives you the oppotunity to extend the swimming and bathing season significantly.

It is the full comfort cover :

  • it covers and uncovers easily
  • it secures your pool in summer and winter
  • it has opaque panels that avoid the appearance of algae
  • it is aesthetical(beige or grey) and blends perfectly with the layout of your terrace
  • it is elegant and appreciated for its discretion during the day and its transparence during the night when it sublimates the crystal clear water of your pool.
  • it respects the environment

Solae Waterair ®: a multi-purpose ecological cover

It is multi-purpose because it combines heating, security and wintering.
According to the exposure of your pool to the sun, you can win up to 6°C in temperature thanks to its transparent PVC panels. It can even go up till 9°C. Economic, the transparent panel heats the water by means of a greenhouse effect obtained through solar energy.

You can cover and uncover your pool in less than 3 minutes thanks to its electrical reel. As Solae Waterair® avoids outside pollution to reach your pool, it has a lot of benefits : less maintenance, less evaporation of water, this means savings on water, electricity and maintenance products. The maintenance of your pool becomes a true pleasure.

It is just as easy in winter : you replace the transparent panels by the opaque ones and say goodbye to photosynthesis, algae and green water. It will make the start up of your pool in spring much easier. In short, the Solae-Wat combines all aspects of the perfect pool cover in one product :

  • Heating
  • Security
  • Protection
  • Wintering
  • Easy handling

Solae Waterair® is a product that was developed to offer you the maximum of comfort taking in account sustainability and by respecting the environment.

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