An IPE wooden pool terrace

A pool terrace in IPE wood offers you warmth and aesthetism !

An exotic pool terrace made of IPE wood

GGILPRO brings Brazil to Belgium

Are you rather interested in a high quality finishing for your pool terrace ?
The exotic IPE wood from Brazil selected by GGILPRO is elegant and luxurious enough to make your friends jealous. Your pool and its surroundings, you have conceived them for your pleasure, the pleasure of your body and your eyes. That's why you are demanding and specific about the finishings of your pool terrace. It has to be extremely luxurous and robust.
The pool terrace in IPE wood offers warmth and aesthetics and guarantees a terrace of an exceptional quality. The IPE wood originates from South America, and in particular from Brazil, but it also exists in Argentina under the name Lapacho and in French Guyana where it is called green Ebony. GGILPRO has selected this brown red exotic wood essence for its premium quality in the market of exotic wood for pool terraces.

IPE wood : THE reference in exotic wood species

IPE wood, a class 1 durable material that is much wanted for the layout of pool terraces for its stability and hardness, even for greater lengths : it doesn't present any deformation, nor slots or cracks.
It is a great wood species that adapts itself marvelously to the Belgian climate; it is moisture, mold and insect resistant; that's why it is also called « Ironwood ». Aesthetically, you can choose between its natural grey look or a treatment with a special wax that gives it a brownish colour.
GGILPRO has chosen it for its virtues and for the absolute warmth that it gives to your pool, regardless of the fact you chose for an oval, rectangular, bean shaped or free from pool. In both its smooth or striated version, this wood has a natural crosshair which offers your modern pool terrace a slightly wild touch. Besides the IPE wood, we also offer you other exotic wood species, like the Cumaru, the Itauba and the Padduck.

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You have been charmed by a pool terrace in exotic wood and you would like to know the difference between maçaranduba wood, the IPE and the Cumaru. GGILPRO has chosen the IPE wood for its stability and durability. We analyze your project with you to propose you the most cost effective solution. Let's talk about it.

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Why do you need a robot to clean your pool ?

Even if you cover your pool up with an opaque winter cover, a bubble cover or a roller shutter, even if you check your pool filter regularly, your pool needs an easy cleaning solution. GGILPRO advises you on choosing a robot that is adapted to the cleaning needs of your pool.

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