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Coverseal® : the ultra innovating cover !

Custom made, it fits on all pool shapes, interior or exterior.

Coverseal® : a high end automatic pool cover

The best solution for covering your pool, it makes it all so easy.

Covering and uncovering your pool has to be child's play. Imagine that this kind of cover really exists. GGILPRO presents you Coverseal®, the full comfort cover for your pool. You have prepared everything for a relaxing moment at your pool; the bathrobes, the lounge chairs, cool drinks, maybe a good book and some music. Everything is perfect. Then you need to uncover your pool, and you would like to do this with the least effort possible.

Well then it is very simple, the Coverseal® cover does all of this on its own : a control box, a few steps to follow the cover when it's opening and that's it ! It is even possible to add a remote control.

Coverseal®: high-tech, ultra-efficient, ultra-innovative

Its membrane in armed PVC resists to any kind of deformation and stretching. It is perfectly in tension above the water line without touching it, it guarantees you clean and isolated water all year through. Several small holes in the middle take care of rainwater drainage.

What makes the Coverseal® cover exceptional, is its drive technology. You can guide the unwinder with a remote control and follow its pace, or if you prefer, you can opt for the full automatic model guided by a remote control unit. Whatever you prefer. An ultra-flat rail guides and locks the cover as it progresses over the pool. No leaves or dirt can get into it thanks to a protective seal and its rounded contours eliminate any risk of injury. It is the best protection against external pollution, and thanks to its airtightness, it preserves the heat of the water.

The rectangular Coverseal® cover is custom made : it fits on all pool shapes, interior or exterior.

An easy to handle pool cover ?

GGILPRO has selected for you the best partners in the market of pool covers and pool enclosures. Thanks to its 30 years of experience, GGILPRO knows all the subtleties and solutions that are adapted to your needs and wishes. Your choice depends of several criteria which we gladly analyze together with you. Your pool is unique; its cover too.

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