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B acteria, algae, green water. It’s true, it’s not the first idea that comes to mind when you imagine the pool of your dreams. However, to avoid such inconvenience and extend the life of your pool, it is better to follow a few regular water treatment rules. It's also for your health and your peace of mind.
Ask GGILPRO , the swimming pool expert in Belgium for 30 years.

Combine water with light and heat, add a few twigs, a bit of dust and deposits of all kinds : these are all the ingredients you need for troulbe, and possibly green pool water in no time. This is not what you had in mind.

It is certain that the filtration system stands or 80% of the purification of your pool water, but that is not enough. The maintenance products and treatment devices for your swimming pool water that are on the market are designed to facilitate the maintenance and manual cleaning of your swimming pool. You perform water tests regularly. Then you follow the instructions for the use and dosage of products to keep your pool's water pure and clear.
If you're not sure how to proceed, the experts of GGILPRO happily give you advice.

GGILPRO proposes a range of reliable products to efficiently treat your pool water and clean your pool, its walls, its bottom and its water line over the seasons :

  • Chlorine is an excellent antibacterial. It disinfects your pool water, prevents the appearance of algae and eliminates them. Offered in the form of pebbles to place in skimmers, it is easy to use and economical.
  • The pH (hydrogen potential) of the water, i.e. the acidity of your pool is the ultimate indicator of water health. The pH of a swimming pool must be neutral or slightly basic. It varies depending on the hardness of your water (high if you live in a limestone region). It is recommended to check the pH of your water every week using test strips, tablets, reagents liquids or an electronic pH meter. You add pH + or liquid pH to obtain a pH balance of your water between 7.0 and 7.4.

  • The shock treatment quickly rids your pool of algae and treats trouble water or green and sticky walls. You can also use it on the start-up of your swimming pool and during wintering. This powerful disinfectant (it includes 65% chlorine) also allows you to save on products.

The subtlety is to play with the pH and chlorine which constantly interact. Other parameters can also cause troubles like the water alkalinity or the iso-cyanuric acid (the stabilizer).
Ask GGILPRO for advice because the quantities of products depend on multiple factors : the size of your pool, the number of people bathing at the same time, etc.

To complete the manual maintenance of your pool, also remember to have a brush for the water line, a brush for the walls and for the bottom of the pool with a telescopic handle, a floating hose and a surface net to remove the leaves and other floating waste on the water, a bottom net, etc. You are well equipped to take good care of your pool.

Manual maintenance of your pool: not to be taken lightly

You don't have to be a chemist to maintain your pool. GGILPRO explains the main principles and recommends the best solution, whether you prefer to do it manually, with salt electrolysis system or by hypoclorite dosage. GGILPRO, your swimming pool expert in Namur, from Profondeville to Jambes, in Brussels or on the side of Torhout, Werchter or Kortrijk.

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