GGILPRO advises you and performs maintenance on your pool

GGILPRO performs the initial start-up maintenance and can carries out the spring maintenance each year before the start of summer.

Bathe in crystal clear water all summer long

GGILPRO takes care of the maintenance of your swimming pool

I t can happen: you uncover your pool and its water is green or trouble. What can be more unpleasant when you're preparing to have a good time and relax yourself. To avoid this, there are some precautions to take. GGILPRO helps you throughout the entire life span of your pool.

To take full advantage of your swimming pool, you must give it constant care in order to keep the water balanced and thus prevent it from becoming trouble or green. It is important to keep the water clear and healthy because it is not recommended, for your health, to bathe in green water.

Here are some recommendations:

  • cover your pool at night to preserve the quality of the water and uncover it during periods of hot weather
  • check the pH, the disinfectant rate and the filtration system once a week

  • intervene as soon as the slightest change in the color of your pool water occurs

Problems arise in most cases due to lack of attention. It is a shame and above all much more frustrating and expensive than regular care. If in doubt, GGILPRO is there to answer your questions.

GGILPRO advises you and carries out your start-up and winter maintenance services

Congratulations! You will take your first dip in your brand new pool! GGILPRO performs the initial start-up maintenance and can carries out the spring maintenance each year before the start of summer.

We also perform the winter maintenance, so you don't have any bad surprises next spring. During the swimming season, you can maintain your pool manually with special products for water treatment, including chlorine, pH + and pH-.
GGILPRO explains how and in what quantities to use them. For your comfort and the safety of your water, you can also work with automatic systems, such as a salt chlorinator or the MRD-2 regulator.
For the actual cleaning of your swimming pool, GGILPRO recommends either manual cleaning, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a robot.

How can I prevent algae from appearing in my pool?

Green water, trouble or whitish water in a swimming pool is not uncommon. You can avoid it with the right cover or enclosure and by using the right products in the right amounts. Ask us for advice. We carry out your maintenance in Andenne, Binche, Brussels, Charleroi, Flémalle, Gembloux, Ittre, Jodoigne, La Louvière, Liège, Louvain, Mons, Namur, Nivelles, Rixensart, Sambreville, Tournai, Waterloo, Yvoir.

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