Set the mood for your pool

A warm, fresh colour, pleasant to touch... PVC or soft vinyl ... be seduced by our large range of liners

A tailored liner for your swimming pool

The coating that makes all the difference

Choosing the liner for your pool is like choosing a suit or a dress that highlights you : texture, colour and quality give your pool its own personality. The Waterair swimming pools are imported into Belgium exclusively by GGILPRO. We offer your 5 different liner coating colors for your pool : Tuscany, azure and grey for the solid colours ; marble slate and silver grey for the others.

Made of PVC or soft vinyl, the liner coats your pool, guarantees its waterproofness and perfectly covers the entire shape and dimensions of your pool. They come in different colours and offer your pool a beautiful finishing.

A liner for the aestheticism and waterproofness of your pool

Besides the waterproofness, the role of the liner is to make the borders of your pool smooth and pleasant to touch. It determines the mood of your pool according to the colour that you choose. The grey liner makes your water look blue and highlights the design aspect, the blue liner makes your water look crystal clear...
All the Waterair liners are installed by GGILPRO and are covered by a 12 year warranty.
We advise you according to your style, the shape and the location of your pool, but also in function of the way you use your pool, for relaxation or exercising purposes.

And where are you going to install your pool ?

This is a GGILPRO specialty since 30 years : we study your garden, analyze your land (slope, clay soil, buildable, etc.) and draw up an implantation plan for your oval, rectangular or free form pool. In 30 years, GGILPRO never built the same pool twice.
You want a unique pool ? GGILPRO offers you the solution thanks to the exclusive import of Waterair swimming pools into Belgium since 1990

You need a price offer for your hammam ?

The advantage of a hammam is that you can install it in your house everywhere in Belgium : from Chimay to Yvoir or from Antwerp to Couvin, we are happy if you are.

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