A flat bottom, dished floor or mini-well for your pool

Waterair proposes you 5 different bottom profiles that are adapted to your needs

Are you rather athletic or zen ?

Waterair pools offer you up to 5 pool bottom profiles.

T he bottom profile of your pool is just as important as its shape, location and coating. Flat, dished or mini-well, with or without diving board, it corresponds to your swimming style and the use you want to make of your pool. The Waterair pools by GGILPRO have a multitude of modularities that make your pool unique.

You are more of a swimmer, sporty , fan of sunbathing and relaxation, fan of family games? The bottom of our swimming pools can adapt to all your desires and all types of use ... So trust our teams and ask us for advice.

Flat bottom, dished floor or mini-well : which bottom profile to choose for your pool?

There are three basic models and each one has its advantages. Which seems the most suitable for your aquatic practice?

The flat bottom

The flat bottom is very well suited for relaxation and family games

I t particularly stands for user-friendliness and allows you to enjoy your pool, whatever your size. Everyone can enjoy it. This profile, with a depth of 1.20m to 1.50m is ideal for swimming. Our teams recommend the 1.20m version for children and small people.

An exclusivity in the world of swimming pools: the dished floor

The dished floor can go up to 1.80m deep.

T he interesting thing about this model is its multi-use aspect : the low depth at the edge of the pool secures users and the greater depth in the center makes it possible to jump and dive.

This type of bottom is particularly recommended when users want a bottom deeper than 1.20m or 1.50m. It’s a good compromise, with very gentle slopes all around the pool.

The mini-well

The ideal bottom profile for your pool

T he mini-well, our favorite, is the basic profile in our range because it combines all the possible uses of a swimming pool : relaxation, swimming, family games, jumping, diving, safety for children and small people.

This profile is ideal if you dream of a user friendly swimming pool. On one side, a flat bottom of 1.20m and then a gentle slope up to 1.80m deep (depending on the size of the pool).
It is ideal whatever the composition of your family.

The deep end bottom profile

I f you like diving, the deep end with its depth of 2,40 m combined with a diving board creates the perfect pool for thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts.

Contact us for more info on background profiles

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