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A bubble cover adapted to the shape of your swimming pool

Protect your pool's water and the environment

A pool cover that is worth its name

It heats your pool for free

When the evening comes or in times of bad weather, your pool's water can get colder easily. Looking for a solution to keep your pool's temperature and protect it against bad weather and pollution ? GGILPRO proposes your the bubble cover adapted to your pool's shape.

Warmer water

You would like to use your pool as long as possible without having to heat it too much : the bubble cover captures the heat and heats your water for free. In summer, you can win up to 4°C !

Furthermore, your bubble cover helps you to save up to 400 liters of water per day. This represents about 1 cm of the water level of a 40 m2 pool. It not only heats your pool, but it also prevents the evaporaton of water.

Just like other pool covers, it prevents photosynthesis. You will use less products for maintenance. The environment and your wallet will be thankful.

A bubble cover : savings on heating and a perfect protection of your pool

Blue or black, the bubble cover, with its thickness of 400 microns, is cut out to fit the shape of your pool : it doesn't matter if you have a free form, oval, rectangular or bean shaped pool. It is easy to wrap and unwind and it is supplied with a small protective cover for storage. GGILPRO can also supply an adapted reel for your bubble cover.

You need more information ?

What are the advantages of a pool cover, especially in Belgium ?

You can choose from a wide range of enclosures and pool covers : Qualifil®, winter opaque, Watertop, Coverseal, Coverwat, bubble cover or roller shutter. It are your habits, your way of using and the location of your pool that will help you to make the right choice. GGILPRO takes the time to listen to you, to question you in order to give you better advise.

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