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The OSF Waterfriend MRD-2

The automatic water regulation system that does it all for you

The OSD Waterfriend MRD-2

The automatic water regulation system that does it all for you

A re you dreaming about completely balanced and ultra-clear pool water without having to analyze and correct it every week?
GGILPRO has the solution for you : the Waterfriend MRD-2 , a pH / chlorine measurement, adjustment and dosage system for crystal clear pool water.

Before lounging on a floating cushion in the middle of your pool, you have to be sure that your pool's water is clear and above all healthy, you must take regular care, in particular, analyze the water quality, correct it, sterilize it , or even correct it in the event of an incident.
What if there was a tool, compact, discreet, hyper-technological, that would do all this for you? GGILPRO has found this rare pearl especially for you in Germany.

OSF Waterfriend MRD-2: THE automatic water regulation system that does it all for you

Imagine a high-tech system with microprocessors that controls the quality of the water and transmits the pH data of the water to a control station, and to your smartphone or computer via the internet or WiFi.
You configure the pH settings for your pool water. Your Waterfriend MRD-2 takes samples of your water, up to 10 liters / hour. If the pH is too high or the chlorine too low, its dosing pump increases or decreases it to the nearest 0.01. In addition to adjusting pH and chlorine, the Waterfriend MRD-2 notifies you when it's time to service each electrode.
It's a real gem, easy to use thanks to its clear and intuitive screen which solves any problems independently - unlike the electrolysis system which sometimes requires the intervention of a technician.

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Clearly, you have absolutely nothing to do.
It is the best solution for the automatic disinfection of your swimming pool water.

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Would you like to spend a relaxing moment at your pool? You have no knowledge and especially no desire to test your water, to add pH + or pH-, to analyze your water again, to correct it until you can finally dive into it. GGILPRO understands you. Make an appointment or contact us. The Waterfriend MRD-2 is perfect for you. Everywhere in Belgium.

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