The Phalen heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is a very good option if you quickly want to heat up the water of your swimming pool

The heat exchanger...

a considerable option for your swimming pool in Belgium

You aren't home very often, or you have a pool in your second residence ? In this case the heat exchanger could be the best solution. GGILPRO listens to you and advises you on the Phalen heat exchanger.
You have a busy work schedule, your work hours leave you little free time, you want to use this time as efficiently as possible. You don't use your pool often, but when you have time to do so, you would like to have it at the right temperature quickly, about 28°C. The heat exchanger might be the right solution to heat up your swimming pool's water quickly; even if the outside temperatures are quite low. The water is heated by passing it through a resistance that is heated up by your central heating system.
The advantage of this system is that it is compact and easy to install.
As the heat exchanger uses the energy generated by another system, it might, under certain circumstances, allow you to save money on the installation of a system that is exclusively dedicated to the heating of your pool's water.

GGILPRO works since several years with the electrical heat exchangers of the brand Phalen.

The Phalen heat exchanger : ideal for indoor swimming pools

It doestn't matter if you have an onground or inground pool, the interesting thing about the Phalen heat exchanger is that you can place it next to your filtration system connected to you central heating.
This makes you win space. The heat exchanger is very interesting for indoor pools where it is more efficient when the temperature drops under 5°C.
If it is during colder periods or because you are using your indoor pool 365 days a year, the Phalen heat exchanger will be READY to heat your pool at all times.

GGILPRO advises your on the heating of your pool since 30 years

What is the difference between a heat pump and a heat exchanger ? In which circumstances should I opt for electricity, wood, fuel oil or solar energy ? If you want make the most out of your pool in Belgium, you need an efficient heating system. This is the specialty of GGILPRO : giving you advise according to your habits, your needs and the location of your pool. We come to you in the North, the South, the East or the West of Belgium.

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