The little extras that make the difference

A buoy ring, a shower or even a bicycle ... pleasure above all!

Relaxing by the pool according to your wishes

GGILPRO offers a wide range of complementary accessories

O nce your pool is installed, filled, heated, all you have to do is swim and have fun. GGILPRO proposes you a large range of complementary accessories to relax you even more.

You have built a swimming pool for the whole family : children will love to dive, adults will rather alternate moments of relaxation and sports sessions. In water, everything is different, both lightened and amplified. Among the accessories, the big favorites are the shower, essential before and after the bath, the fountain, the swan neck, the buoy ring or the inflatable mattress but also, to extend the moment until late in the evening with our bright LEDs ...

We have plenty of ideas for you

swan neck for pools

The swan neck: the best relaxation experience

If you suffer from back pain, trapezius, neck or shoulder pain, the swan neck is perfect for you. Often used in thalassotherapy, its powerful water jet massages your neck, back, head. Close your eyes and let the water release all tensions.

buoy ring, inflatable mattress, sale of accessories for pools

Mattress or "sharing buoy ring"?

Originally, the buoy ring is used for rescuing or learning to swim. In the relaxation version, you let yourself float gently, for a nap alone or with two. And if you prefer, we also offer inflatable mattresses. They are just as comfortable!

solar shower for pool waterair ggilpro

The solar shower: natural warm water

It is well known, it is imperative to shower before diving into the pool - it is not only a question of hygiene but also a question of avoiding hydrocution. A warm shower is more pleasant, that's why GGILPRO proposes you its range of economical and ecological solar showers : the water is heated naturally by the sun.

fountain for pools sales accessories

The fountain for your viewing pleasure

What could be more zen than the lapping of the water. Whether by the pool or floating in your inflatable chair, let your mind wander over the water in front of the relaxing spectacle of a waterfall. And if you prefer action, your fountain also guarantees you a few laughs… Watch out for swallowing pool water!

light bubbles sales accessories for pools

Light bubbles

Do you like light and sound, a magical atmosphere? In the evening, a few multicolored LED lights of different sizes transform your pool area into a fabulous and enchanting environment. Soft music, a few lounge chairs, cushions, tea or a cocktail ... This is an evening that promises to be good!

bike for pool waterair ggilpro

For the athletic

For you a swimming pool equals fitness? Ideal for burning fat and refining the silhouette. Whether for leisure, training, fitness or rehabilitation, GGILPRO proposes accessories to fill up on energy inside your pool.

Ask for a price offer for your pool terrace layout anywhere in Belgium

Need a quote for your terrace? Whether you live in the Charleroi region, from Gerpinnes to Pont-à-Celles; in the Namur region, from Profondeville to Jambes, in Brussels or near Rixensart, Genval or Lasnes, we are happy to visit you.

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