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Wherever you are in Belgium, nothing is better than a relaxation session with family or friends after a full day of work. The conviviality and comfort of the spa or jacuzzi complete the soothing and relaxing universe that you create around your pool. GGILPRO gives you advice.

It's called a spa, a bubble bath, a whirlpool, a Nordic bath or a jacuzzi: the home spa is a unique experience of conviviality and intimacy with family or friends. It's time to relax, talk and listen to each other, laugh and share tender moments.

While enjoying your jacuzzi, the pressure of the whirlpool jets combined with the heat of the water give you therapeutic massages which relieve your pain in muscles, joints and back. After this hydromassage, you are completely relaxed and you sleep much better.

GGILPRO proposes you to take care of your body, your mind and your loved ones.

The CalSpas experience:

"quality is not a luxury"

"Quality is not a luxury, it is a standard". This is the motto of CalSpas, the partner that GGILPRO has chosen for you.

D o you want a neck massage, a foot or shoulder massage? Do you want a little more or a little less pressure? Warmer or lukewarm water? Just press a button and your spa is up and running. You just have to enjoy your personalized massage.

After a great relaxation session, you absolutely do not want to worry about the maintenance of your spa: the filtration system and the water purification system of your jacuzzi guarantee clean water 24/24 .GGILPRO also advises you on maintenance products and water treatment.

So which spa are you going to choose?

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Want to prolong the feeling of well-being in a sauna?

Switching from the water to the dry heat of the sauna increases your relaxation, regulates your blood circulation, improves your general health. Now is the right time for your sauna session.

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From Spa to Arlon, from Tournai to Verviers: GGILPRO installs your jacuzzi at your home

You hesitate between a sauna, a hammam or a jacuzzi? You don't know which model of spa will suit you? Do you want to understand how to use and maintain your bubble bath? GGILPRO answers all questions. Think about it, a Nordic bath at home, in the garden, under a spa enclosure, is ideal for our Belgian climate.