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The Qualifil® cover

Very easy to handle, ultra-light and resistant... it only has advantages !

Qualifil® : the lightest of pool covers

Imported in Belgium exclusively by GGILPRO

For your pool, you are looking for a unique cover, light and easy to install in winter. In short, covering your pool in the fall should be as simple as uncorking a bottle of champagne before tasting it.
Let's take a closer look at the Qualifil® cover.

Covering the pool during the fall and winter seasons is what most people fear the most.
They imagine that it is very difficult to install a swimming pool cover. In reality, this can turn out to be very easy.

GGILPRO has chosen to propose you the Qualifil® cover because it is an ultra-light micro-perforated protection and safety net. Very easy to handle, it covers your pool, whatever its shape, but also its stairs.

Qualifil®: an excellent ultra-light safety cover for your pool

It is a very resistant ultra-light polyester net of 400g/m2, PVC coated on both sides and protected against UV rays, it's just like most other pool covers but lighter. Its canvas perfectly protects from exterior pollution. The retractable pegs disappear into your terrace and help you to quickly attach and detach the cover.
The Qualifil® cover is available in two colors, green or blue, and it can be used on a concrete or a wooden terrace. It can be optionally delivered with an extension for your exterior staircase.

In winter, this protective net avoids leaves and impurities getting into the pool.

It covers up pools up to 12.5 m x 6.5 m and is cut out to the shape of your pool. Thus, it blends in perfectly with your relaxation area.

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A swimming pool cover, is it essential?

It is essential is to protect your pool from bad weather, pollution, leaves, drops in temperature or water evaporation. GGILPRO advisers help you to make the best decision between a pool enclosure, a Coverseal, Coverwat® or Watertop pool cover, a bubble cover or a roller shutter or our exclusive Solae-Wat solar cover. GGILPRO imports swimming pool covers everywhere in Belgium.

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