GGILPRO offers you its wintering service

To have a superb pool and make the most of it from the first warm days

Well wintered swimming pool, swimming all summer long

GGILPRO puts your swimming pool in winter mode

T o have a superb pool and make the most of it from the first warm days, your pool must be protected in winter. GGILPRO knows what needs to be done, depending on the characteristics of your pool.

When the swimming season ends, you cover your pool to protect it from bad weather, drops in temperature, dead leaves, all kinds of dirt.
The water also needs treatment during wintering and during the winter months. At the end of summer, GGILPRO will winterize your pool for you.

Our "Wintering" service consists of:

  • placing your opaque winter cover
  • set the filtration time
  • set the anti-freeze probe

  • pour the first dose of Aquachoc
  • drain your heating system, shower and water treatment system
  • clean the edges of your pool, especially remove leaves and grass

During wintering, you also will have to monitor your pool regularly during. In particular, you will need to add Aquachoc once a month, you will need to check the pH and adjust it if necessary, you will need to activate the filtration system if necessary, you will need to remove any leafs or other decomposing waste, you will need to maintain your water line.
Checking your pool once in a while during the winter is a bit like checking the weather before going on vacation: you are already preparing to experience some great moments by the water as soon as the first rays of sun appear.

What should be the pH of my pool?

You start up your pool and have doubts about the correct pH level of the water: is it between 7.0 and 7.2? Is it stable? You have doubts about the products you can add to your pool water. Call a GGILPRO advisor. Don't let this doubt spoil your vacation by your pool in Belgium.

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