Terrace layout

Give your pool an original and charming terrace

Together with GGILPRO, you'll create a magnificent swimming pool terrace

Even in Belgium, your swimming pool terrace reflects the Italian sun all year through

You have created the swimming pool of your dreams. Make it look even more magnificent by adding a personal touch to the surroundings and the exterior finishes. At GGILPRO , we have selected some high quality materials during our 30 years in the business.

The layout of your swimming pool terrace is as important as the pool itself : aesthetics, in harmony with the shape of your pool, embellishment of your garden, pleasure of the eyes, security, proudness and personalization are the key words at GGILPRO. All of this in respect with the budget you have foreseen for your pool and its terrace layout.

It's the occasion for you to personalize your terrace according to :

  • the latest trends
  • the original shape of your pool
  • the color of its coatings
  • the equipment and accessories (resistance swimming, lighting, music terminal, aquabike, etc.)
  • the different exterior decorations (beach, coping stones, garden furniture, plants, pool house, etc.)

An extra living space

You can really enjoy your exterior and your swimming pool as an extra living space, especially during the best moments of the summer season. You can create play areas for the children, relaxation corners, fitness areas and a corner to have some private time as a couple or for gatherings with family and friends. You can put the same devotion in decorating this space as you did for decorating your house. What do you like ? A rather cosy, relaxing, luxurious, athletic or original ambiance ? Express your personality and creativity.

Traditional and contemporary materials for the layout of your terrace

When you see yourself strolling around your swimming pool, on bare feet or with high heels, how do you see this ? Do you see yourself walking on natural stone, ceramic tiles, coping stones or classical tiles, smoothened concrete or wood ?

Historical high quality and reliable partners

Partners that make the difference

We dream of giving you the opportunity to fulfill your swimming pool dreams. We recommend our partners because we know the quality of their products since many years. We can also work together with partners of your choice and will guide you at your convenience.

Your pool looks magnificent with natural stone

From the quarry directly on your terrace, it is only one step : Stone supplies noble products straight from nature without any intermediate. Absolute charm guaranteed.

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Chic tiling for your terrace

With its high end minerals, DOM CERAMICHE, a long date partner of GGILPRO, allies technology and style since 15 years all over the world. They offer your pool terrace the elegance and harmony of Italian know how.

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A full comfort terrace with Govadeck's composite wood

The aesthetics of wood without the disadvantages : this recycled hight quality plastic, also called composite wood, is 100% Belgian and is highly weather resistant. Comfort and relaxation guaranteed.

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The softness of synthetic grass for your terrace

Namgrass, a pioneer in this area since more than 15 years, offers you the softness of real grass without its maintenance disadvantages. Aesthetically and naturally.

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The warmth of exotic wood under your feet

The warmth, charm and resistance of exotic IPE wood that is adapted to our climate is brought to us directly from Brazil. A cosy atmosphere is guaranteed.

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Request a price offer for the layout of your terrace anywhere in Belgium

You need a price offer for your terrace ? Wether you live in the region of Charleroi, from Gerpinnes to Pont-à-Celles ; in Limburg, from Maaseik to Lommel, in Brussels or in Rixensart, Genval or Lasnes, we are happy to pay you a visit.

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