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The Aquarite® Pro Hayward® salt chlorinator

It permanently neutralizes your pool water

A healthy swimming pool is child's play with GGILPRO

Electrolysis produces natural and pure chlorine continuously on a perpetual cycle

A swimming pool is like a house : it feels good when it is clean and welcoming. To avoid any incident and any risk of error in the treatment of water, salt electrolysis is particularly effective. Especially since GGILPRO has selected for you the AquaRite Pro Hayward® salt chlorinator.

To keep a swimming pool healthy, three criteria are very important: the water balance, the disinfection and the corrective actions taken against flocculation and the appearance of algae and bacteria. Often, due to a lack of knowledge, neglect or improper use of water treatment products, you may have to "correct" water that has become trouble or green.
Of course, you can work manually, use pH + or pH- products, add chlorine and clean your pool manually, using brushes.
If you have little time or no desire to dedicate time to it, salt electrolysis is an attractive automatic option.

AquaRite® Pro Hayward® salt electrolysis :
the economical, ecological and natural option for safe and permanently sterilized swimming pool water

Chlorine has a particularly effective disinfecting, antibacterial, oxidizing and antifungal power in the process of sterilizing your pool water. It is found in chemical form (pebbles, pastilles) or in natural form. The salt chlorinator produces natural and pure chlorine, which has the same qualities as chemical chlorine. The advantage is that it produces it continuously on a perpetual cycle: a titanium electrode polarized by a low voltage current is placed on the filter of your pool. It transforms salt into natural chlorine and caustic soda, in small doses on a regular basis, and continuously disinfects the water. In addition, natural chlorine has the advantage of not giving off any unpleasant odor.

The Aquarite® Pro Hayward® salt chlorinator permanently neutralizes the water in your pool :
  • it is fully automatic; you can sleep on both ears
  • it regulates the dosage of chlorine AND pH; controlling your water becomes extremely simple
  • it completely sanitizes your water, without having to add chlorine pebbles
  • it adapts to all types of pool; you no longer have to worry about it
  • the salt regenerates for a new cycle automatically; you save on salt

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Electrolysis with salt, natural chlorine, ...: ask GGILPRO for advice

You just finished building your Waterair pool in kit with the help of our GGILPRO technicians? You ask yourself how you should treat your pool water safely and consistently? Our advisers are here to help you. Treating your water manually or using the latest MRD-2 technologies will soon be child's play!

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