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Adopt the Finnish sauna tradition

Deserved well-being

With Reindeer saunas, GGILPRO brings the Finnish elegance and quality to Belgium

I n Finland, they run through the snow when coming of the sauna to stimulate blood circulation. Even though it is no longer snowing in Belgium, the sauna is extremely popular for its health and general energy benefits. GGILPRO trusts in Reindeer for your health and well-being. Share it with your family and friends.

A Reindeer sauna: unlimited finishes

What atmosphere do you have in mind for your sauna? Reindeer proposes several wood options from the lightest to the darkest: Hemlock, Cedar, Wenge, Kelo, Abachi, thermowood or veneer, gyproc.

In case of a traditional sauna, you heat the air in the room up to 90° C with a stove. The water poured on the stones gives off steam and increases the humidity in the sauna. You sweat, you eliminate toxins, you stimulate your blood circulation and you get a smoother skin.

In the infrared version, the waves in the sauna produce the heat.
These are the same rays as those of the sun. You push the temperature up to 60 ° C.
If you prefer the traditional sauna and your partner prefers the infrared sauna, GGILPRO installs you a combi sauna.
Isn't life beautiful?

Whatever you choose, a traditional or infrared sauna, a barrel sauna in your garden or a sauna integrated in your attic, your bathroom, your bedroom, the Reindeer saunas proposed by GGILPRO respect the ergonomics of the human body to guarantee your comfort.

The Reindeer saunas are also equipped with LEDs of different colors which have a positive effect on the body and look after your physical and mental balance. Chromotherapy, color therapy, is an effective alternative to medical treatment.

Let yourself be seduced...

Request a 3D simulation for the integration of your sauna

Where do you want to install your sauna: in the house, under the roof or in the garden? We analyze your desire and your space, Reindeer performs a 3D simulation and manufactures your custom sauna. We install your traditional sauna or infrared sauna from Ciney to Dinant, from Ath to Montignies-le-Tilleul, from Knokke to Maaseik and everywhere else in Belgium.

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