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Our heat pumps are protected under a steel body coated with epoxy paint.

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enjoy your pool for a longer time in Belgium

T he sun doesn't shine today and the big clouds aren't announcing anything good? This is not what will prevent you from enjoying your pool. That's where your pool's heat pump comes in : you can ignore the gloomy weather and dive in water at the right temperature whenever you want. GGILPRO proposes you the O’Foehn heat pump which is much more than a heating system for swimming pools.
If you like spending a lot of time in your pool, from the first rays of the sun of the year or the day, whether you are sporty or not, you like to dive in sufficiently hot water, that is to say at minimum at 26° C.
Without a heating system, the water temperature of a swimming pool does not exceed 22 degrees (maybe 24 degrees if it's really hot).
With the ideal temperature being 28°, by using a heat pump, you can enjoy your pool even on less sunny days, which is rather a must in Belgium. In addition, you can use your swimming pool 3 more months in a year: from April to end September instead of June to August.

GGILPRO has been designing and installing swimming pools in Belgium for 30 years.
We study with you the best solution:
  • is your swimming pool indoor or outdoor?
  • what type and size is your pool?
  • what is your current home heating system?
  • how often and for how long do you use your pool?
  • do you want to automate your technical room and the heat pump?
  • which pool cover system did you choose
    (a pool enclosure, a Coverseal® cover or a roller shutter, etc.?)

The O’Foehn heat pump: heat your pool all year round and control your costs

The heat pump draws heat from the air and blows it into the water.
Since it does not produce heat itself, it has a very efficient and economical, especially for large pools.
It is very profitable as from an outside temperature of 7° C.

This is why GGILPRO offers two models of O'Foehn heat pumps, the classic model and the 4 season model, which includes an efficient defrosting system by reverse cycle. This is an important "plus" if you want to heat your pool when the outside temperature drops below 10° C.
The O’Foehn heat pump recommended by GGILPRO is particularly efficient:

  • equipped with a double flow heat exchanger made of titanium and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it offers superior efficiency and optimizes energy consumption. The choice of titanium and PVC guarantees that our exchanger is corrosion-free, regardless of the type of treatment and sanitation of your water.
  • it has a small size
  • it makes very little noise
  • it is easy to install
  • its intuitive and ultra-sensitive touch control panel is very easy to use
  • it is robust and protected against corrosion, sunlight and bad weather.

And above all, you control your energy consumption thanks to its hyper-precise programming system: you thus regulate the starting and automatic stopping of the heating system, lighting, cleaning your pool or switching on any other electrical device connected to your heat pump. Clearly, you can indicate temperature, at what times it should turn on in the morning and evening, on weekends or weekdays depending on your swimming habits. You just have to choose the color of your swimsuit.

What are the advantages of an O’Foehn heat pump compared to other brands on the market?
  • It is the only pump with an active defrosting system thanks to a flow temperature starting at -18C °
  • It is the only heat pump with integrated pool automation, lighting and filtration
  • You can control it via a Smartphone, web or e-mail application, by means of a WiFi connection
  • It has a very high yield as from 5° C (COP 4.18)
  • Its reversibility makes it possible to cool swimming pools that are under an enclosure , Coverseal , Solae Wat , etc.
  • It is very quiet because it has a metal body that is insulated by sound-absorbing foam (no ABS case which ages badly and creates vibrations)
  • Its large fan offers a lower rotation speed but greater mixing
  • Its control on a submerged wall is waterproof

We explicitely did not choose for a weak plastic body. Our heat pumps are protected under a steel body coated with epoxy paint. Your investment is thus protected from the weather, corrosion and sunlight and will last for many years.

GGILPRO tells you which heating system to choose for your pool

To get the most out of your pool in Belgium, you need an efficient heating system. GGILPRO advises you according to the usage of your pool, the location of your pool, etc. Whether to choose between electricity, solar energy, solar water heater, solar panels, solar rugs, solar collectors, heat pump, heat exchanger, wood stove, gas or fuel oil for heating your pool water?

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